SOLVED: Possible regression in 2022 version with Geometry instancing

Hello kind people!

I recently upgraded from 2021.16960 to 2022.26590 and I think I have found a regression with Geometry instancing. For reference, the host computer is a 2015 MacBook pro running MacOS 10.14.6.

With the 2022 versions I tested (2022.26590 and 2022.25370), I am unable to get Geometry instancing to work as expected coming from 2021. For example, on my computer running 2021.16960 with the attached .toe file, I can see the following:
animated gif showing behavior in version 2021
Running the same .toe with either of the 2022 versions mentioned above, the geometric instances do not move at all. Strangely enough, if I turn instancing off and on via this button:

then the instances will still be static but they will get new positions with each transition from off-to-on.

Perhaps there is a config setting in 2022 that has changed? Or maybe something else I am doing wrong? I looked through the release notes, but I did not see anything that I could interpret a connected to this…

Please find my .toe file below and thanks for looking at my thread!
instancing-test.16.toe (6.0 KB)

I’ve tested your file in macOS 12 and all is working correctly. This is likely an issue with 10.14.6. We are working on a few crashes for 10.14.6 still, I’kk report this to the dev that still have this version running.

FYI, 10.14 is now our minimum requirement for macOS but generally it has proven to have a lot of issues running 2022 with the new Vulkan engine. 10.15 seems much better for old hardware, but we still recommend macOS 12 for machines that can run it. TouchDesigner 2022 requires many of the Vulkan/Metal driver updates added to macOS12 which are not getting added to older versions of macOS as they stop getting updates.

Thanks for your reply, @ben !

I will update to macOS 10.15 soon and report back in this thread.

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Hello @ben , this morning I upgraded to macOS 10.15 and I can report that instancing works as expected running the latest version of TouchDesigner.

Thanks for your help!