SOLVED: Problem with the LINE MAT (It has to do with my computer)

Hello People,

I am quite new a the Touchdesigner and I still have to learn a lot of things. I am using the non-commercial version just to learn and experiment. But I noticed something, which for sure is not normal and has to do with the LINE MATERIAL. All the default materials works fine, except of line which appears like the image and it doesn’t seem to respond at its parameters. Does anyone has any clue-idea what cause this??

Thank you, in advance

Hey @rafarafaraf

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There is a known issue with the latest Nvidia Drivers that affects the Line MAT.

You just have to roll back to a previous version.

More details here Line MAT Issue (Red/Blue Checkerboard) - #9 by mkhayata

Nvidia is aware and it will be fixed in the next driver update.


Hi JetXS,

Thanks a lot for your response, now it is working correctly. I didn’t show the previous post in the forum.

Hello everyone,

Nvidia drivers version 496.76+ published on 11/16/2021 are introducing a fix for this issue. They are available through GeForce Experience or at Download Drivers | NVIDIA