SOLVED: Resizing window with mouse crashes Touchdesigner

TouchDesigner Educational 64-bit Build 2022.31030
Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045

When I open Touchdesigner the window is almost full-screen, using my mouse to resize the window causes the program to crash, this has been tested and repeatable. If I use the maximize window button top right then it works just fine.

I havent seen any bug reports about this so thought I should mention it.

Hey @ElectricOctopus,

Thanks for the report.

Can you share the specs of the machine ?

GPU model, driver version ?

Can you confirm that your GPU drivers are up to date ?


Sorry for the delay.

I am going to re-install this driver to see if it helps since I updated my Nvidia graphics card recently I think that one should be up to date.

Re-installing the driver didn’t really help. Using my mouse to resize the window didnt cause a crash but clicking fullscreen in a DAT operator. I emailed support the .dmp file and included a link to this thread.

Hey @ElectricOctopus

Why do you have both AMD and Nvidia drivers installed ?

It shows that you have an RX5700XT from AMD as well as a 3060 for Nvidia, unless there is something I am missing ?


When I built this computer I started off with an RX5700XT graphics card then when the 3060 came out I added a second graphics card and mined cryptocurrency to pay for it. I know they both aren’t Nvidia but I thought having 2 graphics card was better than just 1?

You can read about multiple graphics cards here:
But in general no, having multiple is not better, and certainly not when they are different brands.
In this particular case we’ve looked at your .dmp file and determined the crash is due to some bloatware installed on your machine, specifically GTII_OSD64.dll is the cause of the crash.

I tracked down the bloatware and found the source “Aus GPU tweak II”, removing this seems to have fixed the issue thanks. This is my first time seeing that page in the documentation thanks for sharing that.