SOLVED: Script TOP does not work in tox or perform mode

I think it’s some basic configuration problem, but I couldn’t figure it out.
Does anyone know how to solve it?

I wish it could be set up like Cook Type in Null CHOP.
My environment is as follows: MacBook pro (2021), TouchDesigner 2022.24200
I have attached the toe and tox that is not working.

I saw this topic and turned on the viewer button on the script Top, but it did not solve the problem.

ScriptTopTest.toe (4.5 KB)
SubComp.tox (974 Bytes)

Hi @tokui
Can you detail what the problem is with these files and how to see it, please? That is, what should it be doing that it’s not.

Hi @Ivan
Thank you for your question.
The problems are

  • Script TOP calcs dst value every frame in network editor, but doesn’t work in perform mode
  • Script TOP in Base1 doesn’t calc dst value

I have attached a new toe file with some explanation.
ScriptTopTest.toe (11.1 KB)

Thank you, I see the problem and will put it in the bug queue!

The problem involves a scriptTOP not scriptCHOP. You have called it both things in this thread. Just noting that for clarity.

Thanks for notifying me of the mistake.
I mistakenly wrote CHOP instead of TOP.
I have corrected my comment above. (i.e. CHOP → TOP)

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It may not be smart, but I found a workaround.
It is simply to output the image of the script TOP.

I have attached a new toe file with workaround.
ScriptTopTest.toe (12.3 KB)

We are discussing how to properly address this. Here is a workaround that doesn’t require ouputing the image, but does require a little bit of Python to run every frame. Just add the executeDAT…
ScriptTopTest_workaround.toe (11.1 KB)

Forcing cook with executeDAT is a good idea. Thank you very much.