[SOLVED] TypeError: problem in reference

I have a data table and a reference in order to color facets of a primitive. I have what I think is a legitimate reference but I get an error and I con’t figure out why. Here is a screenshot of the data table and the reference in ‘sx’ and the error. I’m trying to access the ‘scale’ column for sx:

Continuing, the python reference was cut off by the right hand of the screen:
Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 6.30.22 PM

It’s not finding that cell, so it’s returning None. Apparently me.inputPrim.index + 1 doesn’t exist in some cases. If you’ve confirmed that the number of rows in the table is the same as the number of primitives + 1 (looks to be 181), maybe post a toe file here and I (or someone more experienced with SOPs) can dig deeper.

Sure, thanks, here it is…

[AudioReactSculpture.4.toe|attachment](upload://oXotnZAU2j7X9mInzdEhsANbcj.toe) (12.8 KB)

Weird that didn’t upload right. Does it look right on the post in your browser? Anyway, if you can’t get it to work on the forum, mail to ivan@derivative.ca

OK will do. My understanding is that the +1 is necessary in order to get past the first row which would be the headers for the columns.

Like I said, that sphere’s got 180 primitives but the table only has 128 rows!

Ok, thanks, how can I increase the size of it?

OK, I found my problem, it was from the setting in the audiospectrum CHOP, thanks again!

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