SOLVED: Value ladder getting stuck?

Anyone else having problems with being unable to exit value ladder, or getting it stuck like this photo? TD 2021.15020 on PC Windows 10.
Value Ladder Stuck

Hey @gordharris

Sounds a bit related to that issue submitted by @Ennui

Did you get the mouse pointer “stuck” as he describes it in some other cases ?


No the mouse cursor itself does not get stuck. What happens is intermittent but at least a few times each day of work. I am trying to use middle click value menu adjust of a parameter and it adjusts ok but will not “let go” when I release and the values continue to increment as my mouse moves around the screen. I try Escape, and right and left and middle clicking to no avail. Sometimes if I close a pane the values do freeze but the value chain shows up frozen on top of the parameter window. It is so intermittent it is hard to reproduce reliably. I will try a different mouse perhaps.

I think this is actually the same issue I’m getting. I’m just getting it on a different UI element.

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My bad - issue solved - it was a bad mouse. Bought a new one and now it works. Logitech Triathlon M720 claims “built to withstand up to 10 million clicks” so we will see how that goes!
Sorry for the false alarm.

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