SOLVED: [win11 td.2022.29850] listCOMP not able to fit all text in the cell

Hey, I’m having troubles fitting large text blocks inside cell. It feels to me that rowStretch should do that: if I have rows with different amounts of text in the cells it should adjust the row height appropriately, but that’s not what’s hapenning. In the example I’m attaching you can try increase row count of the listCOMP and you will see that text gets more and more cropped.
rowstretch_test.toe (5.1 KB)

In this case rowStretch fills to the remaining space, once fixed-width cells are accounted for.
You may want to try setting the width based on textWidth calculations.
For some ideas on that approach please see:


Thanks, I’ll give it a try

Can I suggest that this method would be made a part of tdu module? Small utility that you provide a string, text size and size units and it returns you a rowheight.

It’s dependent on other factors like kerning, bold etc, but if such a utility were to exist, might fit better as a listCOMP cell attribute like ‘stretchToText’. Definitely something we can keep in mind.

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