SOLVED: windowComp constrain curser to coordinates / subpanel

On a mosaic system I always have huge windows where only a portion is the actual UI. It would be great if I could specify coordinates or a subpanel (in the window COMP) in order to constrain the curser to the UI part of the window

hey @Achim ,

until that time I found a tool which gives you some extra mouse features for multimonitor setups.

download or buy here:

Thx idz. Does that tool support restricting mouse to 1920x1080px on a 11520x2160px mosaic desktop ?

From the docs it seems it will only do this when those are separate monitors .

Ah crap I didn’t think about mosaic. ok, ok, back to the drawing board, I’ll be back :wink:

Containers (and all Panel COMPs) have a Constrain Cursor toggle that can be turned on. If you make your subpanels with Container COMPs using this it should give you the desired effect, the cursor will be locked into that subpanel once it enters. Additionally, the Window COMP has a toggle for Window/Monitor restriction which can help in keeping it off other monitors before your cursor finds the subpanel to ‘be constrained in’.


Wow somehow I’ve never noticed that before, thanks @ben

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thx @ben .