SOLVED: Zig sim pro crashes


For a client project I am working with ZIG SIM PRO’s ARKIT. I want to track 5 points (head, right hand, left hand, right leg and left leg) to create a polygon in TouchDesigner. The app keeps crashing after a few seconds everytime I start the tracking. I don’t know why…, maybe because the iPhone sends the data from EVERY point on the body, which is too much? I’m using an iPhone 14 pro and the latest version to TD, so this should not be the problem. Could you help me with this? Maybe is it possible to select only the bodyparts that I’m using in my project in ZIG SIM? That way I can make the data transmission a little easier. In tutorials I watched everything seems to be working fine. I don’t get it. Any help is welcome!!

Thank you in advance!


What app is crashing ? Zig Sim or TouchDesigner ?
Are you getting a crash dump ?
is it happening with the most barebone file ?
Are you using the latest version of TouchDesigner?
Are all your drivers up to date?

Thank you for helping! ZIG SIM PRO is the app that is crashing. I’ve read online that some people have the same problem. But others (in tutorials) don’t have the problem. And yes, I’ve tried to just make a very basic file with only an OSC IN, but even the ZIG SIM PRO crashes… I’m using the latest version of TD and my drivers are up to date.

Well, we are not the developers of ZIG SIM PRO so, maybe you want to report this to the ZIG SIM development team and there isn’t much we can do about it at the moment.