Some blending modes in the Composite TOP knock out objects

I wish to blend three overlapping circles using the Darker Color blending mode the way one would do in Photoshop.

I routed three images into a Composite TOP and set the Operation parameter to Darker Color.

For some blending modes (Add, Over, etc.) TD applies the blending mode to all the circles, and for some blending modes (Divide, Darker Color, etc.) only to the first circle and then knocks out the other two. I would like all three circles to remain visible.

I’ve attached images to illustrate.

I’m not sure if this is expected behavior or a bug. Does anybody know how I could apply the blending mode and preserve the original objects? Thanks!

Just so we’re seeing the exact things you are, can you share your .toe file with the source assets?

Malcolm, thank you for your willingness to take a look. I tried to upload the file but as a new user on the forum I do not have permission to post links. Is there another way I can send it to you?

Sure, send it to and we can take a look from there. Thanks!

Sent! Thank you.