Some confusion around global beat CHOP. Not sure if bug or misunderstanding

Hey there, I am trying to wrap my mind around the Update Global parameter on Beat CHOPs and cannot make sense of the behavior I am seeing. I have made this set up to test:

beat1 CHOP with Update Global on.
beat2 CHOP with Update Global off.
/local/master_beat left how it is.
The Beat Panel is open.

Hitting Reset pulse on either beat1, beat2, or master_beat only resets that specific beat operator, which seems like a bug? I don’t see any difference in behavior when Update Global is on.

The documentation says:

Update Global: …all Beat CHOPs can synchronize to this by turning on Update Global.

My understanding of that is that if I click Reset Pulse on any Beat CHOPs that have Update Global turned on would reset any other Beat CHOP with update Global on.

Another weird behavior is that when I click Tap in the Beat Panel all the Beat CHOPs I have in my network reset, regardless of if Update Global is turned on. The master_beat CHOP does not react to clicking Tap however.

Am I misunderstanding something? I’ve confirmed this behavior in 26590 as well as 16960.

Right now my solution has been to have a top level opfind dat to find all my beat chops and have a custom button that when I click it it resets all Beat CHOPs.

Thank you!