SOP morphing / box to sphere


I’m trying to find a way to blend/morph between box and sphere (it could be any other geometry, as long there are 4 primitives and a circle) I have a text texture which I want smoothly transform from one surface to another. I can’t get the idea how to make same amount of points for each mesh.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s one way to create geometry that more smoothly blends between sphere and cube. This is the “patched sphere” technique.

You could also use Ray SOPs to project a Text SOP onto the two source shapes and then blend those two results as this tox blends between the sphere and cube.

patchedSphereBlend.tox (1.5 KB)

Hope that helps!


Saved my day!
Thank you!

Hi again!

So after trying this workaround I found that texture is deformed on box after divide node. Could you please help with this?

Thank you!

Kinetic text box and sphere.4.toe (11.6 KB)