SOP Noise "absTime.seconds" should be removed


I’ve started teaching TD in a design academy and I noticed a few of things that TouchDesigner has as default settings that in my opinion should be disabled or changed.

When you create a SOP Noise, absTime.seconds function is enabled by default and I think that it doesn’t make a lot of sense as most of the times makes the sketches of students really slow. It only takes them to have a high density mesh to see the FPS tank down to 3.

I would move this absTime.seconds to a SOP Noise snippet and leave the SOP Noise empty like all others.


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+1 Actually I would find it useful - also for noise TOP - to have it prefilled in the Expression Mode of the parameter, but the parameter would be on Constant Mode by default.


Ideally we could have a template for how we want our operators to be created like : )

But this is definitely a beginner trap.

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Daniel Molnar did something that lets you make your own ops templates but I haven’t tried it. Check the last insession vid on derivative’s YouTube

Thanks for the mention! Indeed, here’s also a more condensed breakdown video: I can confirm it works ^^

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But still, absTime.seconds on noise SOP’s ty is annoying.

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