SOP on GPU - Geometry Shaders Online Workshop

We present intensive 2 day Online course “Geometry GLSL Shaders in TouchDesigner” by Stanislav Glazov. Course is based on long and intensive expirience of trying to improve complexity and quality of realtime Graphics created in TouchDesigner. Its oriented on intermediate TD users with understanding of the SOP concept and basics of the GLSL coding.
OpenGL Rendering Pipeline
Changes in GLSL approach in 099 Version
Vertex Shaders
Geometry Shaders
Bypass Shader
Creating Geometry on GPU
Proceduralize your code: Custom Data Structures and Functions
Practical Examples:

Delete Primitives Shader
Extrude Polygon Shader
Magnet Shader
Polywire Shader
Blending Geometry
Looping Through Geometry: Plexus Shader
Instancing Variable Geometry
Cleaning Point Clouds from Kinect
Particle Trails
Carving and Resampling Curves

Tickets can be purchased here: … 9954675780

Hi can you tell me how the course material is provided? Can we indefinitely review and work with it as video files or something? Also, are there any samples available to look at teaching style etc?