Sort index points

hi, wonder if there’s a way in sops to change the indexes of a point in a line, i.e i’ve have 2 line sop with 10 points each and i want the first point of line1 starts at 0, ends at 9, first point of line 2 starts at 10 ends at 20.
Try with sort Sop but in shift mode with no luck
Thx in advance

Are these SOPs merged? If you’re trying to do this before merging it won’t work because the index counts up from zero per SOP.

if you want to change which one starts at zero, change the input order into the Merge SOP.

If you want to change which direction the index counts up on one of those lines, just reverse the locations of “Point A” and “Point B” since the Line SOP always starts counting at Point A

Or put a Sort SOP in between that one and choose “Reverse” Point Sort.

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Thank you very much!