Sort SOP 'vertex order follow point order'

I want to maintain alignment between vertex order and point order in a single primitive SOP after using a SortSOP sort by point.

It seems the Sort SOP does not move the vertex along with the point, rather the vertex retains it’s original location.

Previously I would deal with this by converting to chop and back to sop. But now I have a pile of attributes and some groups I want to carry with my SOP which get lost in conversion.

A solution could be a new parameter in Sort that also sorts vertex to match point

vertex_sort_RFE.tox (822 Bytes)

Thanks again

Hi @bwanajh,

For the single primitive case, could you make use of the Primitive SOP and reverse the vertices there (on the Face/Hull page) then append another Sort SOP to shift the points by an offset of 1?

as it’s difficult when dealing with multiple primitives, like in this example where 2 of the 4 points need 2 vertices while the other 2 only have one, the option would have to warn on multi primitive inputs.



Thank you.

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