SoundGrid + TouchDesigner (Networked Audio)

Hiya - my studio is presently using Waves SoundGrid for our main audio solution. I have no problem using the WDM drivers to access a stereo input in TouchDesigner, but it would definitely be a huge asset if the ASIO drivers worked, giving access to multiple channels of I/O within TD. Presently I can use the ASIO driver with an Audio In or Out CHOP and the Waves SoundGrid shows up, but there’s no actual data being sent or received there. Wondering if A) there’s any way Derivative will be able to update TD in the future to work with SoundGrid or B) if anybody has ideas on a workaround solution. I’ve wondered if Dante Via + VSC could be a workaround solution. Our studio uses NDI a lot too, so I presently run our machines on two networks - one dedicated to SoundGrid, the other for NDI, Data, and Internet. Gratitude!

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I agree!

I’m also using Waves Soundgrid with TD and previously it used to work when selecting the waves driver from the directsound option in the CHOP. Now, it’s all selectable, including Asio and no signal comes through. Other progams have no problem using the Soundgrid driver with ASIO, but TD can’t manage it, which is pretty sad…

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I would like to bump that post. I have been building a Soundgrid setup for little lives, and discovered the sound wouldnt get in TD. To be fair I suppose that its more of a Waves issue. But if someone (a combo of TD audio buff and Soundgrid user) could peek into it, it would be much appreciated. I’m going to look into wether SG lets any app access its streams, and or how, only idea right now.
Edit: Output works, ie, i can play an audio file in TD using the system I/O (itself set to soundgrid) and have it show up on a device patched in the network.