Spacenavigator issue for Mac

Hello! I’m trying to get the spacenavigator working on either ofmy mac systems. I have a 2019 16" MBP with catalina, and an M1 mac mini with the latest install of big sur.

TD is using 2020.41040 and i tried 25380 out of good measure.
I installed the drivers and it works perfectly in other software, but The mouse is not showing up inside Touchdesigner. Can anyone confirm similar issues ? Its a central component to something I’m working on, so any help would be super appreciated :pray:

We have spacemouse support currently available for the Windows version of our experimental series (40k), but unfortunately it is not available in the mac version yet. It is on our relatively short term todo list, but I don’t have an exact timeline yet.

Thanks for the quick response! Ok… I understand, is there a way for me to receive a notification for when that might be?

Once it is completed, it will be in the release notes for that version which usually get announced here in the forums and on our social media platforms. I’ll also try to update this thread once we’ve got a test version available if you want to try it early.

Amazing! Yes I would absolutely love an early build :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: i’m happy to help w feedback and bug reports. Im expanding on a project i created with jarrett for the first insession… Thank you!!