Spawning geometry

hi … what would the process be to spawn geometry on an event? as opposed to it always existing but being scaled to zero? I want to have objects scaled to midi notes move towards camera - which i have acheived with instancing, various ways with various limitations !! - but want the freedom of not being limited to trail chop etc…

I think this is implied, but I’ll mention it anyway - the technical workflow of instancing is most likely your best bet in terms of efficiency, unless of course you need drastically different materials, or geometries instanced for different events. Even then, depending on how many instances you want, actual geometries per event will not scale super far.

One thing you can and probably should do is instead of scaling instances to 0 (a good trick in the past) is to use the geo COMP’s Active parameter for instancing… which I believe simply instructs the GPU to not process / render the instance at all, probably saving on vertex shader calculations at the least.

Ultimately, whatever you do, you will need to translate your events to instances, whether this be each type of event has an ID that you associate with an instance/sample/id or if you simply cycle from 0-100 and loop back around for each new event, you have to map events to instances in some way. No way around it.

There’s a lot of questions that would need to be answered to settle on the approach that makes the most sense. For instance, you can use the super neat event CHOP which lets you trigger/spawn events with ASDR style parameters similar to midi, this will grow and shrink in size the more/less events are alive at once.

However the issue here is, how are you driving xyz position of your instances. Are those variables fixed per instance? or per event? if so, you need to associate events with positions or instances with positions, but they have to start somewhere.

hopefully this helps, if you have more specific example expand on them! will add what I can :slight_smile:

Yes all Lucas’ advice good. There are OP Snippets for the Event CHOP that illustrate some approaches, so check them.

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thanks for response ! I have been away from all computers for 2 weeks ! imagine that !!
will try event chop. have to get that part of my brain working…I am used to Unreal Engine where you Spawn and Destroy objects where and when you want them . Which I’m sure I will get event chop to do for me…

an actual example would be spawning objects at certain heights on a midi note on trigger, and those objects travelling in a direction once spawned. I have done this successfully using trail chop and the scale 0 method, but feel there must be a better way…

hmm halfway there with event chop…good times !