Specific mini PC recommendations [2018]

The pinned post for hardware requirements is now over 10 years old so thought I would ask for some specific recommendations.

What is the most affordable mini PC that would fully support TD. Something in Intel NUC line or perhaps one of the many Zotac offerings?

I am creating a background subsitution effect in conjunction with a ZED camera and I would also be displaying an HD live video signal.

intel.com/content/www/us/en … i-pcs.html


Any feedback appreciated!

Need to submit my hardware requests for Santa

i’ve used the nucs for some openframeworks installs that have done basically what you are doing. I have used a zotac for an install using unreal.
i haven’t had any problems with either. I also haven’t run TD on either.
If i was looking to run TD on one of them, i would probably go with the zotac since they have their own nvidia cards.

We primarily use NUCs if we need a low cost computer. Mainly the 7th and 8th generations. Any of them will run TouchDesigner but of course you’ll be able to do a lot more with the i7 versions. They also have a version without the enclosure if you’d like to build your own.

If you need a GTX card it seems like the ZOTAC computers are a pretty decent choice. I don’t have much experience with them but I’ve heard good things.

Another thing you might consider is building a machine with a mini-atx motherboard. Then you could get a full size graphics card and maybe even a capture card. This case is pretty decent for that:


I’ve got TD running on an Up Board but it was a pain to set up and it isn’t particularly reliable or fast. Hard to beat the price though ($89):


Haven’t tried the Up Squared yet but I’m assuming it wont be any better than a NUC.

Thanks for the reco’s.
As I posted in another thread getting everything running on an older Intel NUC i5 but the CPU is totally slammed at 100%.

Will look at a more recent i7 or maybe a Zotac with dedicated card.