Speed CHOP value affected by name change?

I’m a beginner so not sure if this is a bug or if it’s just something I’m not aware of but I couldn’t find any mention of this.
I’m using version 099

For some reason when I change the name of any node my Speed Chop (from Speed1 to Speed2 or Speed3) the resulting value in the channel changes. Usually increments of about 1.0, sometimes less. It didn’t seem to follow a pattern. Is there an explanation for what it going on here?

For example: in a new network, create a Constant CHOP and give Chan1 a value of 5. Then create a Math Chop connected to it. Under Range change the To range to 0 to 10. Then create a Speed Chop connected to that. Let the timeline play for a bit and then stop it at any moment (I used Spacebar). Now change the name of the speed, math, or constant CHOPs. Notice the value in the Speed CHOP changes slightly? Even connect a CHOP to DAT after the speed CHOP and notice the values in that change, however if you change the name of the DAT it wont go backwards and affect the speed.


When you stop the playbar and change something in the network, it will cook the network again at the paused frame again, incrementing the Speed CHOP again.

So it’s normal behavior, though maybe not expected. OPs that iterate like Speed and Filter CHOP cannot backtrack one frame and recalculate.


That actually makes sense. And I noticed it didn’t seem to really affect the results I was expecting to get.

Thank you!