Spout recording

OK this might be the biggest N00B question of all time, but when recording clips using spout to your computer with audio reactive visuals, how do you also record the audio that is generating the effects? Since Spout doesn’t record audio, what is the best way to sync up the audio to match the recording? Clearly, there must be a way but I’m not seeing it!

TIA :slight_smile:

Hello, Spout is not a recording device but a transmitting device, sending only texture to other applications on the same computer. You can record image and sound inside TD with the Movie File Out TOP or you can send image via Spout and sound via sound streaming device as Dante to another application receiving and recording sound and image, as Max/Msp.

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Just use a moviefileout top or in the file menu use the export movie feature.

If you need to transport your stream with audio embedded you can use NDI. Be aware this is a compressed vidéo protocol though

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Ah yes, I forgot about that! Thank you from this very grateful beginner!