Spout touchdesigner on Nuc i7

I test touchdesigner and spout sender with nuc i7. The graphics card is Intel…
I can receive the picture of spout sender.
TD receive a blank picture from Spout. The link is good and TD receive informations.
The problem the picture is blank.
Can you help me?


Hey @stadmike625

I just tested on a Surface Pro with an i7 and Intel Integrated Graphics.

There seem to be an issue and we will investigate further internally.

Thanks for the report.


Thank you, but it’s a new installation and new computer. Do you have a driver to install in more? I will investigate but all set up is well.I don’t find the problem and I use the computer after a complete installation on new computer. Maybe windows11 doesn’t work…

Spout works very well with other software. Only touchdesigner is a problem. Now the computer crash with Syphon Input when I send Picture.

After this message, TD crashes


As I mentioned in my previous post, we did notice an issue with Intel Graphics and this is being investigated.

I didn’t run into any crash while testing however.

Did TouchDesigner generate a .dmp file ? If yes, can you please share it with us ?

To keep everything up to date on an Intel NUC I would suggest running the Intel Driver Assistant which usually does a pretty good job at that. It will also install any out of date graphic drivers which is important for TouchDesigner to run properly.


Hey, I’ve looked into this and unfortunately the way Spout shares textures requires a feature that Intel’s Vulkan drivers do not support. Other software works because they are not using Vulkan.
Either Intel will need to add support for this feature, or Spout will need to be upgraded to use a different method to share textures…