Spring 2018 Official - Build 2018.22800 posted

099 Spring 2018 Official Update

We are happy to announce the update of Official build to 2018.22800

There are many changes and exciting new features which you can get a summary of in our annoucement here:
Spring 2018 Official Announcement

Furthermore, a complete changelog can be reviewed here in the updated Release Notes

We are also happy to introduce the updated documentation at docs.derivative.ca/
We are still making some tweaks to the docs in this new format. If you find anything missing or out of place please let us know.

Best regards, happy spring!

First of all, congrats for this great update! I’m excited about trying all this awesome new features. At the moment I cannot figure out how this works:

“For faster creation of custom parameters in the Component Editor, you can now drag any parameter onto its parameter list and it automatically creates a copy of that parameter with the same settings and style.”

I tried dragging both the parameter label and name to the parameter list and custom page label, but nothing is happening…

Cheers, David

Ahh, figured it out. You have to drag it right on the label where it says “Parameter”, not down on the list. This is a real timesaver :smiley:

Superhappy with the promotion of experimental to stable, congrats Derivative!
So many cool new features that I’m finally allowed to use now :wink:
Also I applaud you for the great undertaking in optimizing a lot of Python expressions, this will really help a lot of people in the long term.

also thanks for explaining that parameter tip Django, very handy!

Is macOS Realsense D400 series still disabled in this version?

Unfortunately yes. I just tried the latest RealSense SDK on mac and even their sample apps freeze very quickly when changing settings.

is the Window COMP setForeground() method similar to calling Win32 API SetFocus or is it something else behind the scenes? Trying to figure out if it could be used on a cycling timer to always keep window focus.

It calls SetForegroundWindow()

Ok, cool. Thanks!

Hey elburz, did you figure this out? I’ve been attempting todo the same without much luck

Hi @responsve. What are you attempting that isn’t working. Might be best to make a new thread about it instead of reviving this one.