.SRT Importer / Subtitle Generator

Hey y’all, I created a simple SRT file importer and corresponding subtitle generator for a couple small projects and figured it useful to share in case anyone else might benefit.

Nothing fancy here, mostly operators and some light python, commented for clarity.
I’ve also separated some of the sub-components into their own TOX files in case someone is interested only in a specific part.

Everything is attached, and you can also find it here:
github.com/L05/TouchDesigner/tr … _generator

subtitle_generator.tox (4.62 KB)
srt_importer.tox (1.94 KB)
subtitle_generator.zip (26.2 KB)



Any difference between the 11 file and the other .toe?

p.s. this is a great learning tool as it is well laid out and clear.

There is no difference between those two files; I think it’s more an artifact of the way TouchDesigner saves .toe files, with the unnumbered .toe being a copy of the latest saved version.

Thanks for that feedback! I’ve learned so much from well commented, thoughtfully laid out networks, and it really helps when collaborating. Shout out to Matthew Ragan for setting a great example.

Really great stuff. Thanks for sharing.