Starting Houdini After TouchDesigner

Hi everyone,

So I was just curious for those that use Houdini and Touch, how is the transition between the two (not from one to the other, but using them together). I also wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions for beginning with Houdini.


I really like TD’s ability to put any type of node into a network, it’s really freeing – Houdini is limited to putting SOPs into OBJect networks, ROPs into output networks, and so on. However, if your goal is to render amazing photoreal imagery, then Houdini’s a great place to be, with oodles of OPs to do everything from the latest cutting edge sims to basic polygon manipulations, much more so than TD. There are tons of tutorials around to get you started in their free “Apprentice” version, plus demo scenes that if you work through them, you’ll learn all the tools involved.