Stereolabs' SVO format loading for Zed TOP

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Zed camera support in TD is great, but (unless I’m missing something) it seems to lack a key feature for adequate testing: be able to load the SVO format and pass that in to the Zed TOP. SVO files are great to easily test different recorded scenarios without having to stand in front of the camera, or ask other people, etc.

The Zed SDK offers example implementations for loading and playing back the format. Once the file is loaded, the Zed SDK behaves the same as if it were looking through the live camera, it’s just feeding off a different source of data. The file can be created using the Zed Explorer and visualised in the Zed Depth Viewer.

I’ve been looking at using the CPlusPlus TOP to do this, but I realised this process needs to happen right before the Zed TOP processing, because otherwise the full implementation of the Zed TOP would have to be done within the custom plugin, am I understanding this correctly? Can you think of any alternative approaches for this?

Thank you all

This may be helpful - for a project we did recently, we ended up implementing a record/playback of zedcam data in touchdesigner, using the fileout CHOP and Movie file out TOP.

Recording more than 10 people’s worth of body tracking data at once caused frame drops, but otherwise this worked really well.

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