Stereolabs ZED camera


Have been experimenting with the ZED TOP, CHOP and SOP under build 2019.10280 and am currently stuck with the camera restarting every 15-20 seconds or so under all three OPs. Wondering what the current usable SDK, CUDA and firmware versions are? Right now I’m using SDK 2.7.1, CUDA 10.0.243 and ZED firmware 1523. The camera seems to be working fine without any interruptions using StereoLabs’ own utilities (ZED explorer, ZED viewer, diagnostics etc).

The release notes from November 2018 mention CUDA 9.2 and SDK 2.5.1 Should I still be using those?


Same issue here were you able to resolve. Using Cuda 10 with latest firmware

Unfortunately not. I haven’t been able to try again with later builds or other CUDA versions either.


We’ll take a look when we can. Are you both using the full-size ZED camera? We do not support ZED Mini yet.

I recently ran a live production with the experimental 11370 and a ZED camera, it was successful running the ZED Mini also. The Camera would drop out occasionally and could be restored by toggling active on / off on the ZED Top. The issues I was experiencing where less frequent when using a lower resolution 720p 30hz. I believe the drop outs were related to USB bandwidth.

I was indeed using the full-size version of the camera.

Thanks for looking into this!

You should be using SDK 2.5.1 so you get the same firmware that we are using. I’ll update the help. You don’t need any CUDA installed as TouchDesigner ships with the current version of CUDA it uses. Nvidia drivers coming with the runtimes needed to run CUDA for all versions.


Does TD have support for multiple Zeds? StereoLabs’ website says multiple Zeds are possible on one computer, and the Zed TOP has a par for selecting one of multiple cameras, but when I plug two Zeds in, it only sees one. Has anyone had any success with multiple devices?


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Yeah can confirm that it is only showing 1 camera right now. We will look into it.

Wonderful- what’s the prognosis? We’ve been banging away at some custom C++ TOPs as a workaround for an event at the end of the week. Any chance it’d be patched by then? Thanks!

Also wondering on the status for multiple zed cameras? Docs should update to reflect the current firmware of 2.7

Yep sorry, update the documentation.
On my machine I can get 2 devices to work, so it seems a little inconsistent when it fails. We are still looking into it

Curious about experiences with running two ZED cameras. It sounds like some people are able to get two cameras up and running.

When we connect 2 cameras the names of the cameras are identical and usually touch designer becomes unresponsive when two ZED TOPS are connecting. We did get two up momentarially, but there was random flickering in the depth images.

any thoughts or help on this would be great.

I was never able to get two working on one machine. Maybe it’s been figured out since?