Stoner output resolution detatched from input resolution

Currently there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to use a stoner on a surface that isn’t the same aspect ratio.
If you’re projecting an output at 1920x1080 but this input texture is smaller, you need to adjust for this somehow:

This makes the UI pretty unusable, and you need to fit this back to projector resolution after:

If you scale before, it makes the stoner difficult to use since we need to grab the invisible corners instead of the texture corners.

@harveymoon suggested that the input and output sizes for the stoner are detached. The output texture resolution should always be the projectors resolution. The input texture can be whatever it is and the stoner should allow you to manipulate that smaller texture within the larger field.

We’ve figured out a number of steps to allow the input and output texture sizes to be different.

We feel this is a great addition to the stoner and would be great to implement in the future.
It did get a bit confusing with the different places scalars are done.

See attached TOX as an example:
base_stonerMod.tox (2.7 MB)

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Maybe have a look at kantan, as this does exactly what you are after.

Stoner is a cornerpinning tool for a final output, so it behaves as it should.

Totally agree that the stoner can evolve, it’s a such an important tool in the mapping tool.
Have input and output sizes for the stoner detached will be awesome.

Katan is so perfect for masking with the nice point gradient = Wow. But Katan can t deform the input image (either than translate rotate scale).

3 year ago i did that tool to pick then deform an image.

I will love to see a tool like that in the Palette / Mapping