Stoner stops working with window open

Hi Community,

Been having some issues with the stoner and I have no idea what is breaking it. I’m about to open a show and have been depending on it pretty heavily.

I have been using it for months without issue and today, after opening my perform instead of opening as a separate window, the stoner reduces the preview to something that looks like 1px x 1px. Even if I rebuild it/reimport it, it looks like this:

Deleting them and re-importing the stoner (v1.01) still gives this issue. Navigating into the stoner, one of the issues I see is the following:

when highlighting the warning on the render top, it looks like this:

I am currently running: Commercial License 2021.15020, windows 10, gpu rtx 3060ti

Any thoughts on what this could be?

Thank you,


Hey @PacoTheCharm

Thanks for the report.

Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce it here.

Can you:

  • Confirm that your graphic drivers are up to date?
  • If up to date, can you share a “broken” file ?
  • If not up to date, please update your driver and try again. If there is no change, can you share a “broken” file ?