StonerModder : replace old UI, and upgrade the stoner tool

I am contributing a TOX that solves some problems I have had with the stoner for some time.

I am not adding this as an “asset/ shared TOX” because it’s more of a “wishlist or RFE” but I will let the community decide.

First, the UI is old and green looking. I never had a big issue but it’s extremely difficult to skin in any way or upgrade to widgets.

Secondly, the stoner by default makes really large TOE files because it locks some TOP files inside.
Instead, I prefer to save the stoner data to a small JSON file, and then reload this file whenever I want.
This is a super helpful technique for remote calibration over a network.

Here is a TOX that can be used to modify any stoner. I did this because I wanted to outline the exact steps that I took to convert a stoner, perhaps it is possible to make these changes the default in the next version of the stoner? Read the extension of this TOX for step-by-step comments on what I did.

The tool will “modify” a stoner to delete all of the old TUIK UI elements and replace them with top-level pars allowing you to easily attach your own UI. ( or use the autoUI tool )

It will then remove the project TOP’s and replace them with a simple script that saves a JSON file with whatever name you want. ( also a top level parameter )
You can also pick a different path and click the “reload file” button the recall a previous save file.



I have a few intermittent bugs still when switching the “Mode” to “Add Row” or “Add Column” that still need to be sorted out. Any advice is appreciated!

Hope someone finds this useful, cheers!


Oh! I just realized that if you re-load the data it doesn’t update the parameters to the save data state.

I’ll take a pass and an update.

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that’s great input. on the list to modernize the tool in general.