Storage Viewer - 2020-06-19 14:44

Storage Viewer

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Hey, that looks super useful!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Dunno if you made the data editable but there are some editing capabilities in the one that’s in the Comp Editor. That one doesn’t have your nice tree feature… maybe a merge of these two things is in order.

Wait, there is a storage viewer in the comp editor? Newer realized that, will take a look. But yeah, def a sweet first party tool to have as my implementation is really slow and was more created as a research project to get more into lister as have something to view api responses without leaving touch.

tbh I only looked at the screenshot, but looks like good stuff from what I see there. Feel free to hit me up with questions about treeLister.

@Ivan are you aware of any example files floating around that employ treeLister to either map out a Component and its sub components, or a file structure on the hard disk? I’d be curious to see a snippet or three demonstrating how it can be used, seems super powerful

opBrowser in the palette uses a souped-up tree lister to show components + sub-components.

It is very easy to wire a folderDAT or an opfindDAT into a tree lister and get a hierarchy view. You just need a “path” column.

opBrowser.tox (51.3 KB)

Can super easily be reworked to also work with folderDAT :slight_smile: