Store / Recall parameters, scope & more

Hi there,

Discovering Parameter DAT, wonderful.

I have some questions:

  • Is it a good strategy to use a “big” Parameter for handling parameters of multiple nodes ? In that case of use, can I specify specific parameters to store ? It doesn’t seem to work if I use the syntax < opname >:< paramname > in the Parameters parameter of my Parameter node.

  • Why should I use Parameter CHOP instead of Parameter DAT ? (does CHOP generate channels for each parameters ? and Why would I need this ?)

  • How can I automatically store/recall (like snapshotting on demand) all parameters from all nodes in a network ? The question also relates to how to have a snapshot for my Parameter node, and then another one, another one and recalling them (eventually doing interpolation between some)

  • Handling a Global Parameter that would hold EVERY parameters we need to store in the whole network VS having multiple local Parameter node and maybe a global one handling all the local Parameter ?

  • How to handle a context like: I work, I use a Parameter to hold many parameters, I do a snapshot (if it is possible), another one. Ok I have 2 snapshots. Then, I add some OP and I need them to be stored on my previous snapshots, how does it behave ? Should I strictly separate this in my workflow and work with Parameter ONLY when I’m sure I won’t add more OP to store/call ?

Thanks for your experience, time and words :slight_smile:

The basic Idea should be to have everything as modular as possible. So, for example every visual effect should have its own parameters in a COMP. You can then build relatively quickly custom UIs using, for example the parameterCOMP or the autoUI tool in the plaette.

Regarding snaptshots: This is not implemented natively, but there are several third-party tools developed by the community, for example Tau Ceti:

TD-Morph as a big toolset of presets, ui and inputmapping

And 404 Zerror

PS: CHeck out the discordserver :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, I’ll check these out.
If this is not native, I guess this is because there are other way of thinking in TD, with which I’m very new (coming from Max)