Storing/recalling EDID settings in batch


I’ll be running a workshop over the next couple days where I’ll be switching 8 display outputs frequently going back and forth between multiple TD projects and I/O setups anddifferent types of projectors, LCD monitors and Oculus headsets. Historically doing this has wreaked havoc in TD as the display numbers in my Window comps kept changing and I had to chase them around in order to find where my displays were.

Using Nvidia Quadro graphics cards does allow me to lock the EDIDs preventing the display numbers to change when unplugging/plugging but if the displays I’m using are different I still have to unload/reload different EDID files and sometimes I have to do this several times in a single setup which becomes quite tedious.

Do you know of a utility which would allow me to store and recall all EDIDs in a single snapshot?