Streamdeck, Loupedeck text behavior, keyboardinput RFE

I’ve been using a Loupedeck CT as an input device lately, and its really improved my workflow throughout a lot of the programs that I work with on a day to day basis. Most of these apps (Adobe Suite, ableton etc) have templates that work out of the box via a number of standard inputs, not the least of which is keystrokes.

When Loupedeck, or also the more popular Streamdeck are set up to send text, a button will execute that specified string and paste it into a textbox anywhere else in my system (i.e. browsers, windows explorer, command line, other apps), but TD doesn’t recognize text coming from these sources at all. A KeyboardinDAT shows nothing, and I can’t execute strings into any of the fields in Touch.

I would very much like to be able to create interfaces using these input devices, specifically in their key mapping capacity. Is there any insight into how one might get this data into Touch? Other programs such as Resolume natively recognize the keystrokes from these buttons, so I’m having a hard time understanding why nothing registers at all in Touch. Thanks!

Interestingly, something else seems to have changed in the keyboardinDAT between 14360 and 25370 that breaks my external inputs from my Logitech MX3 mouse; I have keyboard macros executing from this mouse to send hotkey combinations that are recognized in a clean session with a keyboardinDAT in the 2021 build, but that aren’t recognized in 2022. This breaks a bunch of functionality that i spent some time programming and would love to get back.

I don’t have immediate access to me Loupedeck or Streamdeck while travelling, and haven’t tested either of these in 2021 builds to see if they used to work there, but I’m imagining whatever borked this functionality for my mouse is similarly responsible for being unable to get macro hotkeys to work from my other external controllers. Would love to know what changed and see if we could get that working again

Hey @drmbt

For the mouse, I can maybe try to reproduce - are the Macros set in Logi GHUB ?

So on, let’s say, “random side button press”, Ctrl+SomeRandomKey is being sent to the system? To confirm: it used to register and get caught by Keyboard In DAT in 2021 builds. but not in 2022 anymore?

Is it the only change ? No Win 10 to Win 11, among other possible changes ?


I have to rescind the mouse issue; investigating now the problem is that my custom application layout in the LOGI+ options app doesn’t target all instances of TD; since it was setup pointing at a TD install for 14360, its only going there. Duplicating all the shortcuts for 2022 seems to work.

its a bit of a pain to have to copy them over for each instance of TD, but I’m imagining that if i weren’t installing parallel builds but overriding a single instance of Touch on install it would stay up to date

The original problem still stands; I can investigate if it registers keystrokes from Loupedeck or Streamdeck in 2021 when i get back to my studio to test the hardware, but neither of these units target a certain app, and their keystrokes register in the other mapping softwares I use (resolume, madmapper), so I’m imagining it sends like a normal keystroke

Pretty sure you could just set a permanent profile in GHUB and have your macro in there rather than the Options+ app.

Noted for the other issue. We don’t have any of those around I believe. Please let us know if you notice any change in behaviour from 2021 vs 2022 though.

Does something like the Joystick CHOP register any even from those “Deck” devices?


I’ll look into it when I’m in front of a unit, but i don’t think it would. They can send MIDI, keystrokes, and strings, OSC on the streamdeck (im working on a plugin to do osc for the loupedeck, but that doesn’t work yet). If I remember correctly, I was once able to get the Loupedeck to register keystrokes with delays, but it wouldn’t register the strings at all, even pasting into text fields, and i don’t think the streamdeck registered at all.

I don’t suppose anyone over there has either pieces of hardware handy…