Streaming audio from the web

Does anyone have any experience with streaming audio into TouchDesigner from music streaming services?

I am trying to stream in audio from Spotify. I have a cURL command, but I don’t know how, or if I can use it in Touch to get audio in.

curl -X GET “” -H “Accept: application/json”

Or is there a way to use API keys to stream in content with the Web Dat?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Have you tried getting at Spotify via RTSP? … am_In_CHOP

Thanks elburz for the suggestion.
Looks like it’s currently not possible to stream via RTSP. I think I’ll look for an easy way to get the music in from the Spotify program into TouchDesigner.

Strange, a google search shows says Spotify uses RTSP, but thats only at glance, so it may not actually work. Wondering if you could use the spotify app and then Jack to reroute the audio?

Yep, that seems like the best way to go about getting the audio.


I have tried to open a rstp stream in TD
which works just fine when i open it in VLC.

TD says it doesn’t find the adress, but it is obviously there.
odd is also that the example adress in the audiostreamin operator
is “rtsp://localhost:554:/tdaudio”
as as far as i see there should be “:” only once?
I tried all variations of the URL but none seems to work

i am using build 57580

Does this Node work in this build?


You can make this issue simple by just exporting your playlist from one player to another music player using tool.