Streaming to youtube/vimeo

dear users
im trying to stream content to youtube or vimeo with no success…
i have link and key to stream to tube or vimeo, it works also with osb streaming software…
touch doesn’t send anything out of videostream-top, tried many times!
the strange thing is that the info-dat doesn’t resolve the address when in rtmp mode, in rtsp mode the address is showing up, see attachement.
i would be very happy if someone could give me a hint how to get it work!
thank you

Hi @luka,

in the current released you still have to specify the Audio CHOP to successfully establish a connection. This requirement will be gone in an upcoming build.


hi markus
thank you for the answer, i will try it as soon im back on the computer!
best luca

Hi do you have any luck with streaming ? I am buliding system for streams as well so i will need to solve streaming to vimeo as well :frowning:

Hi @PrimaTD ,

did you run into issues streaming?


hi there!
sorry to not update you!
yep, it worked without problem, knowing the trick that i need to connect an audio-chop!
so, all good! what i would like to see is any kind of feedback about being connected, some connection details!
or do i miss something? as i remember i connected info chop and dat, but no data about the connection…
thank you
best luca