String beside toggles and custom par meta data

It would be really useful in the custom parameters to be able to define a read only string to the right of the parameter, like toggles, momentary etc.

If you had a “toggle” you can put a quick tool tip o

It would allow for information to be written beside the buttons rather than adding below and increasing the height of the windows for multiple parameters.

It also be really useful to be able to attach custom meta data to a custom par.

op.par.Custompar.metadata = {}

Kinda thing.

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The metadata is fairly easy to achieve with a dictionary in an extension, indexed by parameter name. You can put it in storage if you need to save it with the file.

Will take a look at the other requests…

+1 for metadata from my site too. I think sometime I opened a similiar RFE but this would make it easy for example for create a DMX-Interface by giving parameters channel-information.

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Is there a problem with putting the info in storage or extension?