Strokes and dashed strokes over shapes


I am trying to apply regular strokes or dashed strokes (probably will be switchable later) over the triangle. I am starting from drawing the triangle with the circle TOP and the circle SOP; haven’t figured out which one works better for my purpose. My questions are:

  1. With the circle SOP (in the file), is it possible to draw regular and dashed strokes over the triangle?

  2. With the circle TOP (in the file), I was able to draw the stroke in the parameter window, but I am wondering if it is possible to apply dashed lines. Thank you so much.

myShape.toe (10.9 KB)

Hi @uforange,

you could make use of the Texture SOP’s Edge Length setting to then apply a texture as a stroke or dashed stroke.

To do this with the Circle SOP, first I added a Resample SOP to increase the number of points using it’s Maximum Segments method to divide each side of the triangle equally. Next comes the Texture SOP with the before mentioned Edge Length Method and finally a Carve SOP to “draw” the path.
The animation is driven by a LFO and as you can see, it also controls the position of the dot that is moving along the triangle - here, instead of calculating the position, it’s using the Path SOP parameter of the Geometry Component.

Is this what you were looking for?
myShape.2.toe (11.3 KB)

Thank you very much @snaut This is exactly what I was looking for. But I am still wondering how I can control the stroke weight?

And does “using the Path SOP parameter of the geometry component” mean that you connected the null4 SOP with the Path SOP in the geo COMP like the image below? I haven’t tried this way before and it really helps. Thank you so much.

Hi @uforange,

the weight is controlled via the Constant MAT’s Line Width parameter on it’s ‘Common’ parameter page.

Regarding the Path SOP parameter, that is correct, you reference a SOP in the parameter and now the geometry is using the SOP as it’s reference for position.


Thank you @snaut I’ve tried what you suggested but it seems like it is not working. Is the line width in the Constant MAT supposed to work on Mac?

Ah - right - the Line Width parameter doesn’t work on OSX.
Does the Line MAT work on your machine? The attached file uses a bit a different approach by selecting a range of points into a group via the Group SOP and then assign a point color to the points in that group via the Point SOP.
The width of the line can be controlled with the Width parameters on the Line MATs ‘Setup’ page.

myShape.5.toe (11.4 KB)

Yes, the line MAT is working well. And this example looks awesome. I will carefully go through this and keep you posted if there’s any question. Thank you so much.

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