SublimeText complitions for TD

Here is a solution for code completions in SublimeText code editor.


  1. SublimeText editor installed (
  2. Set SublimeText as default text editor: TD preferences → DATs → Text editor


  1. Drop this script into Network editor:
  2. Ctrl+r or RMB->Run script


  1. Create new textDAT
  2. Set textDAT Content Language parameter → Python
  3. Ctrl+e or RMB->Edit Content

That’s it:


  • Usually it is required to run this script each time after all TD instances were closed.
  • Completions are not semantically correct but definitely speeds up python coding for TD, especially with stuff like:

Under the hood:
This script do following:

  1. Collects python code examples (OP names, OP members, methods, pars, stuf like ui.panes e.t.c., all project code [optionally] ) and save it as into TD tmpFolder
  2. Opens TD tmpFolder in SublimeText as a project.
  3. By default SublimeText scans all scripts inside TD tmpFolder automatically to collect completions examples.
  4. Inside script: lines 130-143 to optionally define what to include into