Subprocess not working on Mac M1

Hello, I need to port a project from Windows to MacOs (M1, BigSur). I succeed adapting Python libraries from W to M (pysftp need “hostkeys = None”, ffmpy changed to python-ffmpeg). Working in terminal but I cant use subprocess inside TD, no error but nothing works. Any idea what can block the process?
It works perfectly in Windows but not at all in MacOs :frowning:
here the python inside TD:

import subprocess
# search data in table
path = op('forEncode')[1, 'path']
target = str(path).split('.')
target = target[0] + '.mp4'
# add args tags
pat = "-p="+str(path)
tar = "-t="+str(target)
# list of args
my_args = [pat, tar]

# python script address
cmd_python_script = '/Users/lepetitstudiocine/Movies/MutationCinema/'
#cmd_python_script = ''

# add args
command_list = ['python', cmd_python_script] + my_args

# create python subprocess
p=subprocess.Popen(command_list, shell = True)

# store the process ref'process', p)

Here is the external Python script

import ffmpeg
# sending feedback to TD
from pythonosc.udp_client import SimpleUDPClient
ip = ""
port = 11001
client = SimpleUDPClient(ip, port)
client.send_message("/test", 200)
# import arguments from TD (commented here)
from argparse import ArgumentParser
parser = ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('-p','--pat', default='/Volumes/MutCin/captures/21-11-20/')
parser.add_argument('-t','--tar', default='/Volumes/MutCin/captures/21-11-20/20h.mp4')
args = parser.parse_args()
#pat = args.pat
#tar = args.tar
pat = '/Volumes/MutCin/captures/21-11-22/'
tar = '/Volumes/MutCin/captures/21-11-22/12h.mp4'
client.send_message("/path", pat)
client.send_message("/target", tar)
# run ffmpeg
stream = ffmpeg.input(pat)
#stream = ffmpeg.hflip(stream)
stream = ffmpeg.output(stream, tar)

Hello, I continue to work on my problem. I managed to use the right python app (thank you to Matthew Ragan) but now the problem is:
– pythonosc is working well in the subprocess (I receive the OSC)
– pysftp, ffmpy and ffmpeg are working well when run from terminal but not working at all inside subprocess. On Windows its working perfectly.
Any idea?