Substance problem

Substance files, when an environment light is active, display this pixellated white noise texture, which flickers. This happens even if the environment light does not yet have an Environment Map connected. What have I got set up wrong here?

Can you share your file and assets for us to take a look? What is the env map texture you are using for the env light?

Sure! I’m getting the issue with TD’s standard substances and even with no env map texture connected, as in this one.

SubstanceProblem.toe (5.3 KB)

Hmm I don’t see the issue in this example file. Are you able to lock your concrete texture and save the .toe so I can see the issue coming from that texture? Can you tell me your system and GPU model?

Thanks for helping. Here it is locked. You can see even using only built-in textures no env texture connected it happens. It doesn’t happen if I use a constant.MAT, and only happens when an Environment light is in the network and a Substance.TOP is connected to the PBR.MAT

I’m using a TD educational 2020.11180. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro on Mojave 10.14.5 with its internal GPU.

SubstanceProblem.toe (61.2 KB)

@malcolmbechard are you able to replicate this error now in this project?