Substance TOP Input image

Subtance is really well integrated in Touch, specially with the PBR MAT.

But it missing the input image, it’s the strength of Substance.
Of course it is not for live feed, but for still image (generate by touch or capture by camera).

Thx for advice if it’s on the roadmap.

Can you explain what you mean by input image? You can override any texture in a Substance Material by specifying it directly in the PBR MAT, but I’m not sure what you are referring to.

Hi Ben,
Of course, here i did some pictures for you.

Here a Substance Designer network :

We can add nodes like Noise, Color and promote their parameters to change it in Touch,
We also can add InputColor and InputGrayscale Nodes, here Substance wait for a texture selected by the user in the software choosen, and process it to create output in BaseColor and Normal.

Here the substance network (.sbsar) in Cinema4D

I select a texture grid on my computer and Substance generate Normal Output and the BaseColor as you can see. (it’s the same process in Unity, Maya, Houdini, Unreal…)

In Touch, i thought at my first try than i would see an input at the left side of the Substance TOP or maybe an operator reference field in the parameter.

To output a baseColor and Normal in the Substance TOP

If you need more explaination, i’m here :wink:

It is something possible ?

This looks possible, it might be a while before we can address it. We’ve added it to the RFE database.

Just got into that feature, and I agree that the input implementation would be a reel game changer !
Keep it all procedural, in a touchdesigner way. For exemple to generate PBR maps from an input image on the fly, instead of exporting/importing 5 hardcoded bitmaps (in a sbsar archive of 50megs). That would be proper :slight_smile: