Substitute for Line MAT on MacOS Monterey

Hiya, there are loads of tutorials out there that require using the Line MAT and I’m on a new M1 chip Mac on Monterey.

I’m using the experimental version and so far so good. And I know that Line MAT is not currently suported on MacOS 2021 but is there a substitute operator I can use to get similar results?

or should i go back to my 2012 mac intel to make stuff?

Many thanks!

Hi, dc, Is Line MAT in Experimental (latest) not working with your macOS 2021?

it’s given a message that it doesn’t work for this GPU or OS. Is it supposed to?

The Line MAT will be support on macOS in the next build of the 2021.30000 series we release.


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Thank you!

I just upgraded from os Sierra to High Sierra. Line mat has stopped working for me too. When I create it, I cant see the line structure in the small icon box and so when I “parm material” after drag and drop it, nothing happens. It was working fine on the earlier version.