Successive drag and drop to the network

I am trying to use the new drag and drop callback system to create new operators in the network. I notice that if I do 2 successive operations of dragging from my panel to the network, the “onDragStartGetItems” callbacks starts to behave weirdly.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a container, set its parameter “When Dragging This” to “Use Drag/Drop Callbacks”
  • use the “Add” button in “Drag/Drop Callbacks” parameter to add a default callback script.
  • In this callback script, uncomment the lines 67 and 83
  • Now if you drag from the container panel to the network, it should create a copy of this container. And it should log a debug message in the console when the drag starts or ends.

=> During the first drag n’ drop, it works great, but if I try to do it again, the “onDragStartGetItems” doesn’t execute at drag start, but at the drag end (I get the 2 debug messages at the end of drag).
=> This is not happening when dropping to another panel, only if you try to drop to the network.

Are you able to reproduce this ?

Win10 build 2021.13610