Suggestions for DMX project

I am working on an audio-reactive DMX project and considering buying the ws2815 LEDS. I will be using 4 strips of these strips. I want to know what kind of DMX controller is best for this setup and if there are any alternative Addressable LED + DMX controller setups I should consider.
Thank you!

I would recommend something that goes ArtNet / sACN directly to addressable LEDs, as sometimes searching for “DMX to addressable LEDs” will get you controllers that go from serial DMX to LED, not networked DMX (aka ArtNet / sACN)

I used to recommend Advatek or DMX King, but they both doubled the price of their entry level controllers, so now I’m starting to get more and more into quasi-custom-built microcontroller versions - specifically ESP32 and it seems like WLED is the easiest way to go. If you want cheapest and quickest, get an ESP32 dev board from Amazon for like $10 and then you can flash it with WLED without having to install anything by going to in a chrome browser.

From there you can probably get away with about 50-100 LEDs each off of 2-4 outputs with a little soldering

If that sounds daunting, or you want more LEDs, try as these are pre-built and loaded with WLED and have ethernet connectivity already. You can also look at Compatible controllers - WLED Project but that has a wide range of old and new options with many caveats. At least try to stick with ones that have ethernet and stay away from the older ESP8266 versions.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for your response!
I had initially considered the Entecc Octo MkII but also happened to come across QuinLED.
I really appreciate your recommendations. This will surely help me narrow down my options

I just bought Advatek controller but was looking into QuinLED for a long time!
QuinLED is more DIY but has a good community and the owner is very dedicated as far as I can tell!
Advatek is 4x more expensive but you know it’s good quality I guess!
Just my 2 cents, I don’t have a lot of experience!
This post in LEDS are awesome has a lot of good info: