Suggestions on Digital I/O devices

Does anyone have suggestions for off-the-shelf Digital I/O hardware that works naively with something in TD?
I’ve used arduinos before and done OSC interfaces, but I’m working on a permanent install where all the spare equipment needs to be readily available and “off-the-shelf” without me having to do any programming/configuration.

Something like an ArtNET relay output box is great - but is there an input box that does OSC/artnet/etc by itself?

Thanks for the input!

KISSBox for sure. A little pricey but rock solid and exactly what you’re describing

I was recently made aware of these amazing little things - they are super cheap, can be attached to any kind of button you like and come into Touch as a regular joystick. Can’t recommend them enough

Have a look at cuecore … l/cuecore/

I-cube-x gear can make all sorts of custom controllers. Once you set it up once (easy process) it becomes plug and play thereafter.

If you use the midi message pitch bend with these you can get 1024 resolution out of analog sensors.


how many sensors have you tried connecting to touch at once?

I have the usb microdig which allows for 8 analog sensors maximum, I use it with all 8 set to pitch bend.

The other older product, the "digitizer’ has 32 inputs with even higher resolution, but I think in many ways it is older tech. I don’t know too much about it.

I have been using the Labjack T4 product with pretty good results, they have a fairly easy to use python module to interface with their products and some good examples to follow. Have used several of them on one system. Also pretty handy to be able to read via Ethernet over fairly long distances.