Support for Faust audio DSP library

The Faust library has a large collection of audio DSP functions available, and compiles to various formats, including C++.

Faust github

It would be great to be able to build audio synthesizers in Faust and import them as C++ CHOPS that could ouput and process audio signals in TouchDesigner, and be able to control their parameters in TouchDesigner.

My understanding is that they would need an specific audio SDK for the C++ CHOP to include TouchDesigner as a target.

It would be a great addition to be able to easily write audio DSP algorithms and use them directly in TouchDesigner.

+1 but I’d like to see a JUCE and TouchDesigner C++ example too. VST support was discussed the summit last year but I don’t know where they’re at with it.

+1 - This could also be used for more general high rate signal processing functions - very interested in this!

JUCE would be good too, and Faust can compile to VST as well. But direct Faust support would be great without the limitations of VST, such as processes that split to multiple outputs for example.

Yes, exactly it could be used to generate and process high rate data, not just sound. It would be a very useful tool!

Here’s a kind-of-IDE for FAUST in TouchDesigner GitHub - DBraun/TD-Faust: Faust for TouchDesigner


Thank you David - this looks to be exactly what I had imagined! I’ll give it a play and test over the coming weeks.