Support for MKV (matroska) Multiple video tracks such as color,depth, metadata etc

Support for MKV (matroska) Multiple video tracks for color,depth, metadata etc…
other better all around data container .

This link shows example record of 4x mkv k4a depth+rgb+imu+meta data

Thanks for the suggestion.
In the meantime, are you aware of the extensive work we’ve done to .exr support? Multi-channel recording means you can stuff everything in 1 file, custom header and metadata support as well. .Exr sequences are the way to do this for the near term.

Hi Ben,
Thanks but as good as it sound,
I`m not able to stuff into it 4 video of 720p and record\play properly.
4video2EXR.toe (3.6 KB)
(tried pointcloud on\off)
Any example to share ?