Support for NDI|HX GPU Decoding

According to Newtek, the NDI 4.5 release has “full support for (multi) GPU decoding acceleration” for NDI|HX streams if enabled by the host application.

I’m currently using several NDI|HX sources but my GPU isn’t being used, and there seems to be no option in the NDI in TOP to enable this.

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I don’t see the portion that says ‘if enabled by the host application’? I also dont see anything in the documentation stating that. Where are you reading that? As far as I know NDI|HX is transparent to the application.

Hm, that part was in a forum somewhere that I can’t locate now, but the SDK does mention:

Some pipelines through the system include support for hardware-accelerated video decoding, which can be enabled by sending an XML metadata message to a receiver as follows:

<ndi_hwaccel enabled="true"/>

Ah ok I found the related part. Ok I’ll add support in the 2020.40000 series of builds.


As always, thank you so much for your responsiveness!